About Us

Camp Macabre is the brainchild of Andrew Bent who was inspired by classic ’80’s horror movies to create this horror survival card game. Andrew pitched the idea to his closest friends Ron Flewwelling and Melanie DeYoung, who encouraged him to make the game.

The very first black and white prototype debuted at a cottage party and showed great potential. After completing this first version, Andrew realized how much work it would take to develop the game and enlisted Ron’s help to bring it to market. The partnership allowed Andrew to focus on the artwork and product design, while Ron worked on the rules, the editing and the marketing. Together they worked on improving and refining the gameplay so that Camp Macabre became less about the rules and more about having fun killing Campers and Monsters!

Where Andrew and Ron both grew up in beautiful Round Hill, Nova Scotia, they have aptly named their new game design company, the Knights of the Round Hill (thereby knighting themselves in the process!). The Knights would love to thank everyone who helped get the game out of the woods and into the world including: all of our friends who helped play-test the game, Julia Crowell for filming the Oscar worthy YouTube production “How to Play Camp Macabre,” Peter Deal and Peter’s gaming groups for their incredible feedback, Jeff and Joyce at The Printing House for taking the time to get the production right, Jesse Smith for his encouragement and promotion, and Andrew would like to thank Melanie who said all those years ago, “That’s a great idea for a game Andrew, you should make that.”



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